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The ultimate in party fun!
Do you have the courage to ride the Party Bull mechanical bull?

The Party Bull is the perfect idea for entertainment at parties, promotions, fundraising events, hen nights and stag doos, bars, galas, special occasions and open day events and more!

The Party Bull is lots of fun and AND can help generate extra income. What about having something different at your next private or company party? Have some laughs and fun watching your friends fall off the Party Bull!?

Having a mechanical rodeo bull at your event is a great way to get people together for fun, or to make money for charity or fundraising events. And of course, he's perfect for those themed wild west parties and events!

Why choose the Party Bull as your mechanical bull?

We are proud of the Party Bull. He's an excellent quality mechanical bull with lots of safety and other features to ensure you have a safe, fun experience, including the latest motor drive technology.

  • The Party Bull can be set up for use indoors or outdoors. A generator is available at an extra cost.
  • The Party Bull comes with a trained operator who sets up the bull and makes sure the riders have a good time.
  • The huge 4.5 meter diameter round safety mattress with extra high safety walls provides extra safety.
  • The Party Bull is easy to get on and off.
  • If you want him to stop bucking, just let go of the grab rope handle and the auto stop sensor will stop the bull.
  • The soft gel head is soft with soft safety horns. You also have the option of choosing the head with red blinking eyes.
  • CCTV camera system.
  • There are two digital display timers that display current and longest ride times.
  • A timer displays the rider's time and the best overall bull ride time.
  • The Party Bull is easy on the power - all you need is a generator or 220V service power point.
  • There are a range of rides, from gentle for the kids through to more daring and difficult rides.
  • Comes with a sound system with a microphone.
  • Was manufactured with stringent safety certification requirements and in accordance with ISO9002.
  • Again, with safety in mind, the Party Bull motor drive unit has six stabiliser legs not the more common four.

The Party Bull shade tent

For those hot days when shade is important this fully enclosed inflatable tent is available for hire to cover Party bull. It is 8m diameter and 4m high and is inflated with our electric blower. The sides roll up or down. It's also light drizzle proof as well. The cost to hire is $110 extra.

party bull shade tent

Riding the Party Bull...

If you've never had the courage to ride a mechanical bull, you might want to know a bit about how it works before you try so here are a few things you should know:

  • When riding the bull you hold onto a rope with an inbuilt sensor instead of a strap. The bull will stop in 0.8 of a second if you want to get off or you fall off and let go of the rope which allows for safer dismount from the bull.
  • There are various speeds in which the bull operates. These different speeds allow anyone regardless of age or ability to safely ride the bull.
  • There is a trained operator running the bull at all times. The operator has been educated in the importance of mechanical bull safety.
  • Liquid courage is not your friend when riding a mechanical bull. It might be the spur to get you going, but if you're intoxicated, there's no way you'll be able to stay on when it really gets moving. You'll end up on the inflatable mattress floor with dented pride!

Bookings and payment

  • Bookings are secured on a 75% deposit and on a first paid first booked basis. Balance is payable on arrival.
  • Special rates apply for regular bookings.

Areas we service

We offer competitive travel rates to anywhere in the North Island including the Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Waikato regions, Taupo Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Katikati, Waihi, Te Puke, Rotorua and Hamilton. Call us, and we will gladly quote.

The Party Bull is in great demand - to avoid disappointment we ask that you book well ahead of time where possible

So - contact us today to discuss your event needs. If you have repeat jobs we will even work out a great repeat rate for you!