The Party Bull can be set up for use indoors or outdoors.

Please check carefully to ensure your venue can accommodate the Party Bull. If you are not sure contact us to discuss.

Please check our dimensions and set up requirements below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If we arrive and we are not able to set up due to an inappropriate venue the deposit is forfeited full payment is still required as we would have passed on another booking to attend your event. So, if you are not sure please ask before confirming your booking.

  • The round inflatable mattress takes up an area of 5.5m x 5.5m. Allow 6x6 metres if the sunshade is requested at an extra $110 cost.
  • A ground to roof clearance of 2.8m is required. If the sunshade is used, then 4 metres height clearance is needed.
  • If indoors please ensure there are no low hanging lights or ceiling fans that the rider will hit during the bull riding or prevent set up all together.
  • Adequate space around the mattress is required to allow room for safety gear, the controls, and a spectator viewing area.
  • A double width or wide door entrance is required.
  • We only set up on relatively flat areas.
  • The set up area must be away from trees and any other obstacles or structures.
  • We are unable to setup on dusty or muddy ground, or sloped or uneven surfaces.
  • Due to size we are unable to carry the unit up stairs.


  • People intending to ride the Bull with a present or recent head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injury or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others with medical conditions who may be susceptible to injury from falls should seek their own medical advice before riding.
  • Intoxicated persons or persons influenced by other particulates are not permitted to ride the Party Bull.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any person we believe is a potential safety risk to themselves or nearby spectators.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any person we believe may potentially cause damage to the Party Bull - he's special to us and we want to keep him safe.